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Trauma dissertations

Racism as trauma I argue that without the emergence and proliferation of these individual trauma narratives to contest, official, cemented accounts, there exists a threat of permanent inscription of official versions into public consciousness, effectively excluding the narratives of communities rendered fragile by war and/or displacement. Racism as <em>trauma</em>
Psychoanalytic theory has posited in-depth analysis of the effects of trauma, and. This dissertation documented the effects of orinal experiences of racism by.

Best Undergraduate Dissertations - University of Reading This collective case study explored the phenomenon of racism qualitatively. Best Undergraduate <em>Dissertations</em> - University of Reading
Winner of the Prehistoric Society's Undergraduate Dissertation Prize 2011. Abstract The aim of this dissertation was an analysis of trauma in a selection of.

Psychology Theses & Dissertations Psychology Old Dominion. Psychoanalytic theory has posited in-depth analysis of the effects of trauma, and recent research has illuminated the way in which trauma affects survivors of childhood , the Holocaust, and the Vietnam War. Psychology Theses & <i>Dissertations</i> Psychology Old Dominion.
Dissertation Buffering the Associations Between Negative Mood States and the. Dissertation The Relationship Between Trauma-Related Shame, Disordered.

Doctorate in Social Work DSW Dissertations School of Social. Developed and maintained by the research team, this searchable database provides free access to abstracts of Masters and Ph D dissertations* in counselling and psychotherapy. Doctorate in Social Work DSW <strong>Dissertations</strong> School of Social.
This series contains dissertations from Penn's Doctorate in Social Work. Trauma Narratives with Inner City Youth The Storiez Intervention, Meagan Corrado.

The Strange Aching of Suppressed Dives Irony and the. This study provides empirical support for the previously unexamined hypothesis that complex trauma events result in broad systemic difficulties, not simply hher levels of PTSD symptoms. The Strange Aching of Suppressed Dives Irony and the.
What this dissertation demonstrates is that World War I, while serving as the most prominent nexus of trauma and irony, also represents only one point and not.

Adolescent Experience with Trauma and Orthopedic - eScholarship. Because of the tendency of irony to create distance, recent developments in trauma theory have largely omitted it because working through trauma has generally depended upon the suturing of ruptures and closing of gaps to repair the damage done by traumatic events. Adolescent Experience with <i>Trauma</i> and Orthopedic - eScholarship.
Adolescent Experience with Trauma and. Orthopedic External Fixation A Dissertation. Michele M. Tervo Patterson. University of Massachusetts.

Dissertations and Theses Complex trauma events may be especially toxic for children and adolescents, whose regulatory systems are more vulnerable. <u>Dissertations</u> and Theses
These collections contain dissertations and theses authored by University of Kansas students. Trauma exposure is thought to prompt meaning making efforts.

Fictions of Trauma The Problem of Representation in Novels by. By investating the atrocities of the World War II era and beyond through a lens of trauma, I look at the ways in which their narrative writing is disrupted by traumatic memory, engendering a genre that s into question official accounts of historical events. Fictions of <em>Trauma</em> The Problem of Representation in Novels by.
This dissertation focuses on the fictional narratives of Eastern and Central European women authors writing in German and explores the ways in which historical.

An Exploration of Art Therapy as a Treatment for Cumulative Trauma The dissertation demonstrates how these trauma fictions i) reveal the burden of unresolved, transmitted trauma on the second generation as the pivotal generation between the repressive Stalinist era and the collapse of communism, ii) disrupt official accounts of events through the intrusion of individual traumatic memory that is by nature unmediated and uncensored, iii) offer alternative plural accounts of events by rejecting normal everyday language as a vehicle for narrative and instead experimenting with alternative modes of representation, articulating trauma through poetic language, through spaces, and through the body, and v) struggle against theory, while paradoxiy often succumbing to the very same institutionalized language of trauma that they seek to contest. An Exploration of Art Therapy as a Treatment for Cumulative <u>Trauma</u>
Been accepted for inclusion in LMU/LLS Theses and Dissertations by an authorized. Running Head ART THERAPY AND CUMULATIVE TRAUMA.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Trauma. In other words, it argues that the persistent shocks of modernity, since Baudelaire, have resulted in the heavy reliance on ironic understanding because the mode/trope of irony bears a structure that is often homologous to the psychological effect of trauma and the pathology of its subsequent neurosis. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal <u>Trauma</u>.
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Trauma. The Department · Patient Care. HomeResearchDoctoral ResearchersCompleted Dissertations.

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