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The <i>Hyphen</i> - Rules and Examples <i>Writing</i>

The Hyphen - Rules and Examples Writing Numbers can be tricky – do you write them as fures (1,2,3, etc.) or do you write them as words (one, two, three, etc.)? The current trend in English writing is to get rid of unnecessary hyphens.2. Use a hyphen when spelling out numbers between 21 and 99. Examples

Should I use an en dash or a <strong>hyphen</strong> in a phone number? -

Should I use an en dash or a hyphen in a phone number? - Many other factors enter into the decision whether to write numbers out or to express them in numerals. A zero is written before the decimal point of numbers smaller than 1, while in whole numbers the decimal point should either be dropped or be followed by a zero: -Z234.1-89) of the Canadian Standards Association specifies that s of three numerals (triads) shall be separated by a space, except in the case of monetary values. I feel like every style guide says to use an en-dash in phone numbers in writing, but I have a hard time applying that to graphic desn. Phone books seem to all use hyphens.

<i>Hyphens</i> Style for Students Online

Hyphens Style for Students Online How do you deal with a mixture of fures and words? Nevertheless, if you learn to use hyphens properly, they help you to write efficiently anddouble numbers twenty-four; numbers and units describing a noun 1000-foot face; a 10-meter difference.

Use of <strong>Hyphen</strong> When <strong>Writing</strong> Fractions with Words - Math Forum - Ask.

Use of Hyphen When Writing Fractions with Words - Math Forum - Ask. Compounding is obviously in a state of flux, and authorities do not always agree in all cases, but the uses of the hyphen offered here are generally agreed upon. See also these pages Writing Numbers with Hyphens Form of Decimals.

<em>Hyphen</em> - pedia

Hyphen - pedia Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side. Noun–noun compound modifiers may also be written without a hyphen when no confusion is likely gradeHyphens are usually used to connect numbers and words in modifying phrases such as in.

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