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What to do when your home button stops working

What to Do When Your Wireless Mouse Stops Working People tend to take their home wifi for granted, like their electricity supply: it’s just supposed to be on. But at times when it just refuses to work, here's what you can try to do.✘ The scroll button on your mouse does not work. ✘ Windows is unable to detect the presence of the mouse, even if you disconnect and reconnect it.

Iphone home button not working - Nabtron This problem has happened mainly on i Phone 4 but sometimes the newer i Phone 4S, and i Phone 5 versions seem to suffer as well (unfortunately, i Pad and i Pod Touch too). Iphone home button not working. Last Updated. There are many tips out there on internet for what to do when your iPhone home button stops working, try them out first, but if it don’t work, you mht need to replace the home button simply.

How to Fix Your iPhone 7's Home Button The Daily Dot We are talking about the wireless mouse of course, a tiny modern miracle that has made our lives truly mobile. Here's what happens when the iPhone 7's home button breaks—and how to fix it. Amrita Khalid —. Don't panic if your iPhone 7's home button stops working.

What to do when your home button stops working:

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