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Write a joke using quotation marks

Quotation Marks - Writing - English Rules It occasionally acts as a stand-in for a comma or period (though when one of these other punctuation marks will do, the colon is unnecessary). <i>Quotation</i> <i>Marks</i> - Writing - English Rules
What are the rules for punctuation when using quotation marks? I vaguely. It started out as a “joke”, according to espn sports, in which

Exclamation Points Punctuation Rules Both marks take the form of a reversed question mark, "⸮". Exclamation Points Punctuation Rules
Avoid using an exclamation point in formal business writing. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke." Do not use even one of these marks unless you're convinced it is justified. Quotation Marks?

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks Frequently Asked. This article is about “Write a joke using quotation marks”, you can find here a huge variety of articles about “Write a joke using quotation marks”: Don’t let dialogue and punctuation marks outsmart you in creative fiction writing. The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” <strong>Quotation</strong> <strong>Marks</strong> Frequently Asked.
Make the subject something about quotation marks. I'm actually not a grammar fanatic at all, although clear writing is important to me. had this insider joke thing where we would use "Quotation Marks" for everything!

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Write a joke using quotation marks:

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